Ottawa Acting Studio


If we can't answer your question here, call us at 613-617-2219

Do you have two locations?

Yes, we have a studio at 700 March Rd., Kanata and a studio at 738A Bank St., in The Glebe. The classes are all listed on one page, clearly marked at which studio the class is taking place. The left hand menu on the "All Classes" page, clearly states the studios.

Where is the studio located?

The Ottawa Acting Studio is located at 738A Bank St., between First & Second Ave. The front door is located between Home Hardware and the Feleenas Mexican Restaurant.

Can I watch a class to see if it's for me?

Sorry no. In an acting class you make choices and learn to commit to those choices. If you are not sure if an acting class is for you, then wait until you feel it is. We are happy to talk about the classes if you would like to know more. Simply call 613-617-2219 for information. We will, however, refund your money fully, if after one introduction to Acting class,  you simply decide it's not for you.

Are acting classes just for people who want to be actors?

Not at all. Each class brings all sorts of people of all ages and walks of life together to be creative and learn. Of course some are interested in acting, but some simply want to try something new and exciting and some want to work on their confidence and spontaneity.

Do classes involve yelling and rolling around the floor and stuff like that?

Nope. Our job is to make you fall in love with acting, rolling around on the floor probably won't do that, but you are welcome to do so if you really want to.

What opportunities are available for actors in Ottawa?

Depends on your goals. Many of our students get involved in community theatre and act as a hobby. Some go on to professional work, but the reality is, if you are very serious about acting as a profession, you need to do research and look outside of Ottawa. We are always here to guide and help whenever we can. You gotta start somewhere though right?