Ottawa Acting Studio

Located at 738A Bank St. (Corner of Bank & Second)

The Ottawa Acting Studio offers the most practical and supportive acting classes in the Nation's Capital. Taught by some of Ottawa's most experienced acting instructors, our studio provides performing arts classes for all ages, levels and areas of interest. Whether you simply want to try something new or you're interested in acting as a hobby or profession, learn how to act from people who are doing it.

Who knows where it might lead!


Our acting classes

When viewing or registering for an acting class, ensure you are viewing or registering for The Glebe Studio. The right hand class menu on our registration page clearly states GLEBE STUDIO or KANATA STUDIO. 

Glebe Classes for All Ages

Ottawa Acting Studio offers classes for all ages and areas of interest. From after school classes for kids and teens, weekend classes and evening classes for adults, Ottawa Acting Studio has something for everyone. We will be adding classes as we move toward our opening date of November 1st.

Kanata Acting Studio

We have two locations that provide acting classes in a safe, social and creative enviroment. If you are looking for acting classes in Kanata,  our Kanata location has classes for adult and youth in the evenings and on weekends. Check out the Kanata Acting Studio for more information.

Meet our Instructors!

Ottawa Acting Studio is proud to have some of Ottawa's top actors, directors and playwrights as instructors. We strive to provide a fun, safe and social space for all our participants to discover their creative selves and have fun!

Acting for Beginners

Not everyone who takes acting classes is interested in becoming an actor; many take these classes to have fun, build confidence, meet people and step outside of their comfort zone. For those who are interested in pursuing a career in acting, then these classes are a perfect way to get things rolling. Who knows where it might lea