Ottawa Acting Classes

Ottawa acting classes for all levels, ages and areas of interests.
Act Ottawa features the most current recreational acting courses and workshops in the city. Taught by many of Ottawa's most experienced teachers, the majority of acting classes take place with GNAG at the Glebe Community Centre.
What acting class suits you?

What acting course in Ottawa interests you?


Glebe Neighbourhood Activities Group (GNAG) is a not-for-profit community group located in the Glebe Community Centre in the heart of the Glebe (Ottawa). Read more about our visual and performing arts programs


Scene Study Showcase

With a focus on scene study and character work, this class will end, for those who wish, with a small showcase for invited guests. Experience what it's like to prepare for an awesome performance, you'll get the bug!


Public speaking and confidence building

Does presenting in front of groups make you unbelievably nervous?  At a social gathering are you unsure of what to do or say? There is a fix for that. Learning how to be present, dynamic and engaging will change your life, that's just a fact. 


Acting for Beginners

Not everyone who takes acting classes are interested in becoming an actor, many take these classes to have fun, build confidence, meet people and step outside of their comfort zone. These downtown Ottawa acting classes have something for everyone.