Act Ottawa


"The acting classes were very social and fun, John made everyone at ease. I look forward to more"

Sarah A.

"I'm hooked. I have taken many classes with both Chris and John and plan to take more!"

Don W.

"I walked in hoping to be less shy, and I came out happier and more excited than I’ve felt in a long time!
Such a great class and I am really looking forward to the rest!"

A. N

"The acting classes with John Muggleton and Chris Ralph at the GNAG are stupendous ! Lots of energy, knowledge, camaraderie, respect, etc.John and Chris certainly know how to bring the best in us in a very fun way ! We are so lucky to have them!"

C Kirkland

" I was nervous going in but 10 minutes later I was laughing and having fun."

Kelly K.

" I didn't take an acting class with GNAG because I was interested in becoming an actor, I took it to meet new people and do something different. I'm glad I did. I am now on my third class and each class brings new people, new ideas and new challenges. The one thing i have learned that sticks with me's ok to make a mistake, it's all part of it. "

Amir A.

" I wasn't interested in becoming an actor, I wanted to try something new and different. I have now been in two plays and plan to do more auditioning!

Dave Webster

" I have been lucky enough before and during the pandemic to take several GNAG acting classes with John Muggleton. Notwithstanding John’s exceptional talent and extensive knowledge about the industry (which he shares openly and honestly), the classes are really fun. Everyone needs to put themselves out there! It is good for the mind and the soul and you learn about yourself along the way. As a bonus I have met new friends and a community of people who love the arts. I would highly recommend these classes and plan to continue joining them!"

H Lobban

"I first started taking classes with John at the Ottawa School of Speech and Drama, then to the Acting Company with Chris and now with GNAG and Act Ottawa. I have to say, going out after with the class is the best part :) "

Dana T.

"So much fun!"

Ruth H.

"I look forward to the class all week!"

J Williams

"John it was such a pleasure to be in your acting class, you made it fun, interesting and friendly. Thank you.

M Nigi